Stop KM/Mile Freezer for the BMW 7 Series G11/G12 with Working Speedo!!

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With Working Speedo!!

Cruise control and other assistance systems are working without exception
Plug & Play odometer blocker
No need to open ECUs
Live Cockpit and 6WB LCD: the speed indicator works conditionally when the device is active (more in the description below).
For more important information scroll down
The Can Blocker always maintains the last selected mode that is active before the engine is turned off.
Activation and deactivation can take place at any time, both while driving and when stationary.

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 This KM Freezer is compatible with the BMW 7 Series G11/G12 from 2016 with Working Speedo!!

Can Emulator – Can Blocker – mileage freezer – Odometer stop – odometer freezer – stop km mileage – Can Filter – odometer block

KM Freezer from Smelecom UK allows the stopping of the mileage counting while driving the car.

This module is suitable for the BMW 7 Series G11/G12 from 2016.Plug & Play plug-in system
No soldering or cutting of cables or electronic components required
No need to open ECU’s
Stops your miles going up on your car
All vehicle KM memories are stopped.
If the module is removed, the kilometres/mileage does not jump back.


  • Easy and fast installation. ✔️
  • Dismount the odometer, and connect the mileage freezer with the original plug connection. ✔️
  • The installation does not require cutting or soldering of cables. ✔️
  • It is activated by pressing a button on the steering wheel. ✔️
  • No error messages in the speedometer or navigation ✔️
  • Connectors with a high-quality finish ✔️
  • Confirmation of the activation takes place in the speedo ✔️

From April 2019 BMW updated the software vehicles to combat the use of Mileage Blockers. BMW is also updating the software of some pre-April 2019 Gxx chassis cars that go to the dealership for warranty work or software issues however:

⚠️ This module works on cars with and without the firmware update! ⚠️

For LIVE Cockpit and 6WD LED Cockpit

With Working Speedo!!

✔️ Switch on ✔️

Activation of modes is by holding the BC button until indicator lights flash.

Mode 1 is for pre 2019 software only.

Mode 1 – 1 x Flash of the indicators – speedo working, no miles counting . 

Mode 2,3,4 is for 2019 onwards software. 

Mode 2 – 2 x Flashes of the indicators – speedo not working no miles counting 

Mode 3 – 3 x Flashes of the indicators – speedo working miles counting 30%, ignore the trip counter.

Mode 4 – 4 x Flashes of the indicators – speedo working miles counting 50%, ignore the trip counter.

❌ Switch off ❌

Mode 5 – 5 x Flashes of the indicators – speedo working miles counting as normal.


(The Stop KM Freezer is Intended for off-road, dyno testing and research purposes)


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